North Loop Sneak-a-peek run:

Thursday, Aug 19. 6:00 pm.

Meet at the lower Pavan parking lot (beside the aid station) to start leg 4.

This will be 16 km with one big climb at the start and 2 climbs halfway. Bluntly put… will take 2.5 to 3 hours so bring food, water, and headlamp. We don’t have a bridge in place so the ditch crossing is wet and maybe 30″ deep. Your junk will get wet! We don’t have support, water, a sweep, or options to pick you up, so you need to be ready for this run (help is not coming).

If you will be near that 3-hour mark, consider skipping the first hill and meet us at the barbwire fence where we access the private land.

Course Route change at the start of leg 4: We now make a left turn and run down the ridge next to the first climb. For the rest of the course, we will have a few flags out. Download the map to your phone from the website.

Do not enter the private land outside of this time frame as the owners can call the police and issue a trespassing citation. That will also get you a permanent ban from the race and the opportunity to get shot (they hunt on their private land). No joke.