Softball Valley to Elks

Softball Valley to Elks is 9 km.

Start running west to the river and then south along the river to Tollestrup’s berm. Continue south on the edge of the berm, past the Tollestrup office, dropping down to the river again. Get to the Highway 3 bridge and cross on the bridge to the west side of Lethbridge. Follow the red shale berm south and under the train bridge to the metal stairs (there may be a dirt trail alternative to the stairs). Go up to the top and follow the limestone/shale pathway south to the Bull Trail stairs. Drop down and then onto the Whoop Up Drive bridge and east across the river. Turn left off the bridge on pavement and follow the pylons, along the river to the Elks Aid Station (mandatory check-in).

*100 mile runners need to complete a “Start Loop” of 8.5 km (south along river to Highway 3 bridge and then return back through Tollestrup hills to Softball Valley)