Pavan (North) Loop

The Pavan (North) Loop is 16 km.

No change to this Leg. Start east through the trees to Dragon’s Back hill and take the next ridge down on Dragon’s Tail. Turn right/north at the bottom and hug the coulee to the private land fence. Cross over the fence and continue north on single track and then dirt road to bypass the farm houses (*previously you went under the big yellow gate and past the houses). Turn right/east along the horse coral on the dirt road and then head north along the gravel road along the coulee bottoms. Continue right/east on the road past the “Radiation” sign for about 500 m and turn right/south on the single track up the hill (if you see 2 large concrete blocks on the road, you have gone too far). Up and down the hills heading east and then drop down to the water crossing/bridge. Then west along the pond for 100 m and then right on the trail through the trees. When you get to the dirt road, this will be the new water station (10k from start and 6k from the aid station). Go west on the road until near the Lafarge Gravel piles and then drop down into the brush by the river. Continue on single track through the trees most of the way back to Pavan Aid Station (mandatory check-in).