Pavan to Softball Valley

Pavan back to Softball Valley is 7 km.

Exit Pavan the same way you came in (north gate) and turn left on the paved path towards the bathroom building. Follow the dirt “horse path” south that cuts through the trees before the end of the path. This is the start of B1 and B2 that drops onto the Alexander peninsula. Follow it around and then turn right/south to B3 that drops onto the dog park. *Change: Slant left to the shared Dog Park Bypass on the hill above the dog park. Cross the road at the dog park parking lot and turn right along the road, in the ditch. Cross over the road and follow the chain link dog fence west to the river. Join the original course through the “Jungle”. At the Sewage Lagoon fence, turn left/east into Softball Valley. Go south along the river to Softball Valley Aid Station (mandatory check in/finish).

This is the finish for the 50 km runners.
100 km runners complete 1 more lap.
100 mile runners complete 2 more laps.