LSU Bandana

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2019 LSU bandana

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Planning to work up a sweat?  Want to figure out where you are on the Lost Soul Ultra course? Our LSU 22″ x 22″ black 100% cotton bandana is breathable, comfortable, controls moisture and is less likely to stink than other fabrics.

Here are 20 ways you can use your bandana:

  1. Scarf – tie it around your neck to keep your neck from being too cold, too hot or too sunburned
  2. Sun protector (hat) – tie it around your head like a scull cap to protect your head from the sun
  3. Sweatband – fold it and then tie it around your forehead to prevent sweat from dripping in your eyes
  4. Hair tie – keep your hair out of your face by tying it around your hair (or tying it around head and tucking in your hair)
  5. Cold compress – wet it, put ice in it and hold it anywhere you want to cool
  6. Ice pack – put ice in it and apply it to an injured area
  7. Towel – use it to soak up your sweat (Note: If you wring it out and tie it to your pack, it will dry while you run and be ready to use again!)
  8. Wash cloth – use it with soap and water to clean yourself up
  9. Lens cleaner – use it to clean your sunglasses when you’re on the go
  10. Dust mask – tie it around your face like a bandit to help block dust, sand and pollen from entering your nose
  11. Sleep mask – fold it, cover your eyes and tie it around your head when you need to catch a few winks
  12. Sling – use it as an impromptu sling in the event of injury
  13. Basket – use it to carry small items in your pack
  14. Bag – tie opposing corners to make a bag to carry loose items
  15. Gear wrap – wrap it around the gear in your pack to prevent it from making noise
  16. Seat – use it to keep your butt clean while sitting on the ground
  17. Snot rag – use it to blow your nose when disposable tissues aren’t an option
  18. Dog accessory – when you’re at home, tie one around your neck and tie another one around your dog’s neck so you both look cool and fashionable 🙂
  19. Window curtain – hang it in a window in your home or recreational vehicle to add some LSU class and elegance 😉
  20. Wall art – hang it in a prominent place in your home or office so everyone asks about it and you can tell them how much fun you had at LSU!