Elks to Softball Valley

Elks to Softball Valley Park is 10 km.

Go back on the same paved path to the edge of the Fort Whoop Up horse fence. Follow the fence (former Leg 1) around the Fort and up the red shale path to the Sandman Signature (former HQ). Continue on the shale paths (former Leg 2), under the Train Bridge connecting to single track all the way to the Highway 3 off-ramp. Follow the road north under the Highway 3 bridge and then east on the Tollestrup off-ramp to connect back to single-track heading north. Go up and back on the coulee trails and drop onto the road at the Sewage Treatment plant. Cross the road to single track heading east. Climb up “Stink Hill” and cross the road that goes into Softball Valley and do the last long climb to Scenic Drive, and then drop down to the Softball Valley Aid Station (mandatory check-in). 

Note: Enter Softball Valley from the north east edge (start of gun range hill).