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The Lost Soul Ultra is a community-based event organized by runner-driven volunteers who promote trail and ultrarunning events in Lethbridge, Alberta. The Lost Soul Ultra would not be possible without the assistance of over 200 volunteers on race weekend who help with everything from Aid Station and medical support, to course flagging and timing.

Volunteering is a great way to learn about the Lost Soul Ultra and to give back to the running community. We need and appreciate our volunteers! Volunteer benefits include:
– Lost Soul Ultra volunteer t-shirt

Some changes to this year.
1. We require all our volunteers to be vaccinated. As we require all runners to be vaccinated, we want to be consistent with the volunteers at the event.
2. We recommend just signing up for one spot for now and then checking again on the Wednesday/Thursday before race day. We expect a bunch of people may get caught in the next COVID wave (10 days after the start of school) and will need to cancel – which will leave us in a pickle. We may have to shuffle volunteers to other aid stations.
3. We have less segmentation of duties as the needs at our aid stations change hourly. Being flexible will be most helpful for us. Thanks in advance. Depending on the weather, the aid station loading can shift by an hour or two. Yes, you will go from standing around to full-on mayhem.
4. Timing will change a bit as we won’t be using the spreadsheet. We will be using a different system that only requires the volunteer to enter the racer’s bib number on a tablet. We still need a volunteer to manually record bib numbers using pen and paper (this has saved us a bunch of times and is our default for tracking runners).

The 2022 LSU race will adhere to COVID-19 protocols to ensure the safety of racers, volunteers and the community.

2022 LSU COVID Protocols (as of Sept. 4, 2022)

To learn about volunteer opportunities, please refer to the Lost Soul Ultra Volunteer Handbook.

To signup for a volunteer activity, please watch this website and/or the LSU Facebook page starting in August.