Race dates: Sept 6-7, 2024

The 100-mile event (33 hours) will start at 8:00 am Friday, Sept 6, 2024
The 100-km event (21 hours) will start at 8:30 am Friday, Sept 6, 2024
The 50 km event (11 hours) will start at 7:00 am Saturday, Sept 7, 2024


The Lost Soul Ultra Marathon takes place the weekend following Labour Day in Lethbridge, Alberta. The trail course runs through the river valley coulees on public and private land. In this event, 320 ultra-marathoners race against each other, the elements, and the unrelenting hills. Less than 150 years ago, these valleys were the site of the last major First Nations battle on Canadian soil between the Blackfoot and Cree Confederacies.

The 50 km course includes three aid stations located at key points with segment distances varying from 7 to 16 km. Elevation gain or loss is approximately 1,100 meters with 16 significant hills over the 50 km lap. Although we are on the prairies, our river valley can feel like the Grand Canyon. Top race times are just over 4 hours for the 50 km, 10 hours for the 100 km and 19 hours for the 100 mile event.

The race organizers continue to keep the race small to maintain memorable running experiences. One racer commented: “Thank you to all the organizers and thanks and hugs to all volunteers, you made it possible for me to finish and enjoy spending time at each station. I will be back next year for sure.” Check out our Facebook page to read more racer comments and reports. Racers and pacers must be at least 18 years of age. No vaccination requirements or restrictions.

Lost Soul Ultra is the only Canadian qualifying race for the Western States 100 with a 100km distance.

Lost Soul Ultra has maintained its status as a 100 km qualifier for the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run.  100 km qualifying time is under 21 hours. 100-mile racers can qualify if they complete the 100km distance in under 21 hours and they must complete their 100-mile distance in 33 hours.